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Hogfish: Lachnolaimus maximus

NEW: Recreational harvest of hogfish closing in federal waters of the Atlantic beginning August 24, 2015. Harvest will reopen on January 1, 2016. 

​Florida Regulations: Regulations Gulf State Waters  Atlantic State Waters Minimum Size Limit  12” fork Daily Bag Limit  5 per harvester per day 

 Gear Requirements: Legal Gear: spears, gigs, hook and line, seine, cast net. Reef fish gear requirements apply
State Waters Harvest Seasons. Federal waters: 12" TL; 5 per person per day

Habitat and Fishing Tips: Hogfish are a reef species that inhabit rocky bottoms, ledges and reefs throughout Florida’s off-shore waters. They are easily identified by their long, hog-like snout, which allows them to feed on bottom-dwelling mollusks and crustaceans. Because they tend to root in the sediment in search of small prey, they are not commonly caught on hook and line. Hogfish are primarily harvested by spearfishing, and they are considered to be of excellent food quality.