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Species like this wreckfish spend their lives in extreme depths, as deep as 2,000 feet in some cases.

Fishing in water 600 feet and deeper isn’t the same as dropping bait over the side on a shallow reef in search of common snapper or grouper. That’s a relatively easy task, but when you’re seeking fish that live in total darkness and frigid temperatures a quarter-mile or more beneath the surface, you need to be prepared.

Most people who fish in very deep water use electric reels. Some readers may object to that, and if you’re one of them, you can always opt to fish deep water manually, but that’s quite a chore. Just reeling up a line to change a bait can take 25 minutes or more, depending on the depth you’re fishing, but winding tools like the Reel Crankie, which works in conjunction with a cordless electric drill, can alleviate the pain of that endeavor.

“Electric reel manufacturers have developed products to help catch everything from sailfish to swordfish, In the past, electric reels were heavy and cumbersome, and some required special electric converters. Today most reels can operate on a single 12-volt battery and have come down in size. Electric reels have added a new frontier to catching fish in waters as deep as 2,000 feet.”

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